We can fix stains, rips, splits

No need to replace, because we can save your furniture

Welcome to the Leather Furniture Clinic – We are a specialist company that only deal with leather furniture.

We use old fashioned techniques in a modern way allowing us to be the most unique leather care company around today.

We believe in only one thing providing the finest services with everything that we do.

Our clinic for leather furniture is extremely unique in every way, we handle mainly antique furniture from almost every country in the world, from French designs to Italian designs, to bespoke hand crafted British furniture to Victorian antiques.

Our in house trained experts have over 30 years of experience dealing with all ranges of leather furniture through our clinic.

With all our repairs and restoration works we carry out here at the Leather Furniture Clinic we do not deal with just one company for restoration products, we deal with many different companies from all over the world.

Each and every product we use at the clinic are hand selected and then only used after being tested for a year on our own antiques we buy in to use as test items, do we begin to implement them at the Leather Furniture Clinic.